When entrepreneurs are starting out, usually the very first step of any type of endeavor is to create the all-mighty landing page. A good landing page serves multiple purposes:

  1. Validate your idea quickly and effectively
  2. Have a central location to collect leads and data
  3. Increase awareness about your product

With that being said, the idea behind landing pages have been around for quite some time now, but how do we improve upon it after all this time?

Enter stagelight.io.

stagelight.io allows you to create a carefully crafted message that is tailored towards your exact customer through a series of presentational resources such as videos, images, surveys, and more. Think of it as a powerpoint presentation and a website mixed together to create a better experience for your target audience.

Why is this beneficial versus a traditional landing page?

  1. You control the flow of information rather than have the customer scrolling around aimlessly not knowing the exact focal point.
  2. Make the presentation unique on each and every customer coming in.
  3. Collect actionable analytics - go beyond page views - actually understand at which point your customer makes it through your content and when they decided to quit

Get started with stagelight.io today.

About Stagelight

Stagelight was founded when an excited customer jumped on a sales call on a Friday afternoon at 5PM to go through a 2-hour long lackluster sales demonstration. This tedious yet mandatory process birthed the idea Stagelight, a sales demo automation tool that allows you to automate sales, allowing the educated customer to make an informed decision by the time they reach out to you.