When it comes to sales, everything is crucial. And sometimes it all comes down to a critical point which is the sales demo for the potential customer. Let's examine why you should automate your demos in the first place.

Let's address the elephant in the room right away. Automated demos should NEVER replace live calls and in-person demonstrations. If there's anything that can't be automated and streamlines it's the invaluable human element that's involved that allows the salesperson to respond customers at the turn of a dime.

Rather, a good sales team should see demo automation as part of the sales cycle that leads up to those critical in-person calls and chats. Let's look at how and why automated demos can help:

Streamline your sales team

Sales up 50%

Customers come in all shapes and sizes and unfortunately on the onset of a potential deal, your sales team will be stretched this way and that in order to fulfill all requests to understand your product. This is where demo automation is so incredibly helpful - by automating your smaller value leads while focusing your maximum attention on those customers that will bring in the big bucks allows you to not have to neglect anyone while maximizing your earning potential.

Eliminate red herrings

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By first qualifying leads through an automated demo first while asking them about various information through questionnaires and forms, your sales team quickly eliminate any lead that might not be a good potential fit.

Nurture and educate your leads

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We've all been there before - you as a sales person bust your butt creating the greatest sales pitch ever, going through every single feature and awesome point that your product has to offer, only to be met with a "I'll think about it" and nothing afterwards. By allowing your customers to go through a tailored automated experience first, they will be MUCH more ready to ask questions, follow up, or even make a decision by the time they get to your sales person.

Understand your leads

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By embedding interactive forms in your automated demo process, quickly gauge and pinpoint exactly what your potential leads are interested in and why they're pursuing your solution in the first place. Then quickly follow up with a 1-2 punch and get them to sign that contract as soon as you can by reinforcing all of the aspects that will convince them to become loyal customers.

Create a consistent experience and good first impression

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It's a gloomy 5pm afternoon on a Friday when a critical customer is asking for an 1-2 hour long demo of your latest features. Even though most star sales people are fallible and human. That's why you should create, iterate, and optimize your first impression to be the absolute best. Through using detailed metrics and analytics understand exactly where your customers are losing interest in your demo and quickly reverse it with each and every meeting with a lead.